XCode color theme

I have been spending a lot of time lately developing on Mac OS X for the iPhone with XCode 3.1. I spend fair amount of time coding on my MacBook Pro (sometimes use my DELL 30″ as external monitor) and eye strain with bad color schemes is someting I hate. I tried tuning XCode’s settings but was not satisfied at what I had. I stumbled upon Streaming Color Studio’s post on memory leaks while looking for resources on memory leaks! Damien posted a link to his color theme file in this post. I have updated the color theme file and adapted for my needs, choosing “Andale Mono” instead of “Panic Sans”. The background has a brownish touch to it, I can’t stand pitch black backgrounds.

Download the file color theme file from the link below and copy it your /Library/Application Support/XCode/Color Themes/. When you start XCode, Command + , will open up preferences, select the “Fonts & Colors” tab and you should be able to choose the new theme.

Color Theme

Thanks Damien for sharing your theme!




3 thoughts on “XCode color theme

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  2. Beautiful! Thanks a lot 🙂

  3. I wish there was a way to change all the backgrounds like the file list and project list. You have this nice light on dark code window then your eyes get blasted out by the brilliant white of the other two windows.

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