XCode color theme

I have been spending a lot of time lately developing on Mac OS X for the iPhone with XCode 3.1. I spend fair amount of time coding on my MacBook Pro (sometimes use my DELL 30″ as external monitor) and eye strain with bad color schemes is someting I hate. I tried tuning XCode’s settings but was not satisfied at what I had. I stumbled upon Streaming Color Studio’s post on memory leaks while looking for resources on memory leaks! Damien posted a link to his color theme file in this post. I have updated the color theme file and adapted for my needs, choosing “Andale Mono” instead of “Panic Sans”. The background has a brownish touch to it, I can’t stand pitch black backgrounds.

Download the file color theme file from the link below and copy it your /Library/Application Support/XCode/Color Themes/. When you start XCode, Command + , will open up preferences, select the “Fonts & Colors” tab and you should be able to choose the new theme.

Color Theme

Thanks Damien for sharing your theme!