Lawson Smart Office – A WPF Line-Of-Business application

In a recent video posted on Channel 9, Adam Kinney talks to Matthew Allbee from Lawson Software about a smart client application developed entirely in WPF, screenshots of which surfaced earlier this year. In the short video, Matthew demonstrates the application which is similar to a desktop session, one where the user switches between a number of applications (WPF 3D has been used with Visual Brush to preview open forms – awesome!), opens Microsoft Office appllications, etc. The application integrates with the Lawson backend, shorcuts and other user preferences are all stored for the user. The application has 10,000 forms and it is growing! Lawson’s smart office is yet another line-of-business application developed with WPF, after we all saw Billy Hollis showing of StaffLynx which I have blogged about earlier.

Here is a screenshot of the application (Courtesy : Lawson) –

Lawson Smart Office

Lawson Smart Office

Jaieme Rodriguez has posted some more screenshots in a recent post. Head over to Channel 9 and watch the video!

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