WPF Bootcamp 2008

If you, like me, didn’t have a chance to attend the WPF Bootcamp 2008 (Note: Requires Silverlight 2), or, if you attended and would like to download and watch the sessions again, they are available for download here. The source code used in the demonstrations is also available. Session presenters include Karsten Januszewski, Robbie Ingebretsen, Jonathan Russ, Greg Schechter, Jaime Rodriguez, Adam Smith, Alan Le, Josh Wagoner & Josh Smith. Sessions of particular interest are by Adam Smith (WPF Performance), Josh Wagoner (Real World WPF) and the excellent introductory series by Jonathan Russ and Robbie Ingebretsen.

These free resources are definitely worth going through, I am sure they will help in the WPF journey!


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